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Family Law


Schultz & Pogue provides personalized service with a responsive and compassionate approach. With a dynamic team of professionals, our family law section assists clients in all areas of family law, including divorce, legal separation, paternity, custody, parenting time, child support, guardianships, step-parent adoptions and prenuptial/postnuptial agreements. 

We have the legal knowledge and courtroom experience necessary to assist our clients in fighting for their legal rights.  While we are prepared to aggressively litigate your case, we can also provide you with alternatives allowing you to minimize conflict and negotiate out of court resolutions, such as Mediation and Collaborative divorce. 

Mediation is a process by which a mediator, who is specifically trained in the negotiation of family law disputes, assists both parties in obtaining a mutually acceptable resolution to their legal matter. Mediated Agreements are submitted to the Court, and litigation is avoided.

Collaborative law is an area of practice that incorporates a non-adversarial team approach to divorce.  Each party commits to working together with a team of professionals to reach a settlement without going to court.  The Collaborative team must include Collaboratively trained attorneys, and will normally include a financial advisor and divorce coach to help the parties navigate financial and child-related issues. The financial advisor and divorce coach are both neutrals who, along with the attorneys, assist both parties in achieving their stated goals.

We also offer mediation services to parties who wish to resolve their legal disputes amicably.  Although a mediator is a neutral and cannot provide legal advice, our mediator can guide the parties through the process of creating an agreement which meets all the legal requirements for approval by a court.  If you need a mediator for your case, we are here to help.

Schultz & Pogue delivers effective, efficient and responsive representation to our clients in all areas of family law.  We represent families in central Indiana, including Marion, Boone, Hamilton, Hancock, Hendricks, Johnson, Madison, Morgan, and Shelby counties.

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