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General Litigation

General Litigation

Whether it be trying a personal injury lawsuit, defending a civil rights claim or presenting oral arguments to an appellate court, the General Litigation Section of Schultz & Pogue is there. This section provides a large variety of services from handling the traditional slip and fall/auto bodily injury cases to complex commercial, construction and employment matters.

Just as the type of work is broad, the clients represented by Schultz & Pogue mirror this landscape. These clients include governmental entities, construction companies, grocers, restaurant owners, Fortune 500 companies as well as insurance carriers.

The keys to our success include experience, communication efficiency and common sense which is brought to each case. Our experience includes Thomas R. Schultz (President of the Defense Trial Counsel of Indiana, Treasurer of American Board of Trial Advocacy, Indiana Chapter and someone who has first chaired over 45 civil jury trials).

In addition to experience, we recognized the importance of communication in representing our clients. The attorneys at Schultz & Pogue work closely in developing a plan of action with the client. Communication continues throughout the handling of the matter as the client is not only kept informed but is significantly involved in every step along the way.

In addition to communication, we recognize efficiency and common sense are important ingredients in the successful handling of cases in litigation. This includes not overly staffing files or planning strategy that does not make sense given the desires of our clients.

If experience, communication, efficiency and common sense are what you need, then the General Litigation Section of Schultz & Pogue is for you. Contact Thomas R. Schultz at for more information.